I live in Melipilla, Chile, South America.

Studied illustration during 2005-2007.
I currently work as freelance, doing illustrations for editorial and advertising clients. In the past I have colored graphic novels for American publishers.

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  • Group shows:

    *Terrible Yellow Eyes,
    Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, California, United States. [+ info]

    Sala 13, Instituto Alpes, Santiago de Chile. [+ info]

    *G A T O ,
    Sala 13, Instituto Alpes, Santiago de Chile. [+info]

    *2012, Pokemon Battle Royale
    *2012, Tarot, Mystics and The Occult,
    *2013, Message on the Bottle
    *2013, Beautiful Forever
    *2013, StationZero
    *2013, Rolemodels
    *2014, Boss Rush
    *2015, Cosmos
    *2016, Robo
    Light Grey Art Lab, Minessota, MN, United States. [+info]

    *Monitos de los 80's,
    Centro Cultural Juventud Providencia.

    *Homenaje a Themo Lobos,
    Universidad Santo Tomás


    El Definido - Chile
    *Editorial illustrations.

    Fundación Crohn Cólitis Ulcerosa - Chile
    *Illustrations for children book-

    Palco Producciones - Chile
    *Drawings for advertising animatics and storyboards.

    Feels Audiovisual - Chile
    *Character & environment design for stop motion TV Spot for Arcor/Cereal Mix

    Punkrobot - Chile
    *Background artist for animation segment of feature film "Mis Peores Amigos: Promedio Rojo el Regreso"

    Carburadores - Chile
    *Background artist for animation.

    Smog - Chile
    *illustration and storyboard artist

    Imagina - Chile
    *Drawings for advertising animatics.

    CSmedia - Chile:
    Comic colorist:
    *Historia de Chile en cómic, for the national newspaper Las Últimas Noticias.
    *Triunfadores: la roja en cómic, for the national newspaper El Mercurio.

    Dark Horse Comics - USA, Glenat - Europe.
    Comic colorist:
    *Graphic Novel "Bowery Boys, Our Fathers" [Read online]

    Image Cómics - USA
    Comic colorist:
    *Graphic Novel "New Brighton Archeological Society".
    *Issues #5 and #6 of "Gladstone School for World Conquerors"
    *Graphic Novel "Sullivans Sluggers".
    *Graphic Novel "New Brighton Archeological Society, Book 2".

    Comic Artist - Chile:
    Pencils, inks, color:
    *"Chile en Viñetas Para Niños" published by Tábula Rasa