Selection of editorial illustrations for El Definido, an online newspaper.

Concerts for deaf people  

Communal spaces for the elderly  

Free wireless network zone  

Cultural map of Chile  

The benefits of forgiveness  

Colombian town build by women  

LGBT rights advances in Chile  

Evolution and love  

Reclaim the public spaces  

Lucid dreams  

Netherlands animal rights  

Best way for raising kids  

24 hours without smartphone  

Week zen retreat  

Keeping a heart alive for tranplant  

We get angry talking about politics  

Facts about Earth resilience  

What is dark matter?  

New rice based wheels  

30 km/h zones  

How stimulate imagination  

How fix TVN channel  

Fiis festival  

Santiago as the nex "food city"  

8 tips to avoid impulse purchases  

Dry blood tests by mail  

Advice for better writting